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  • Feldspar Cleansing & Daily Conditioner
  • Feldspar Cleansing & Daily Conditioner

Feldspar Cleansing & Daily Conditioner

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Our daily conditioner, used to maintain healthy scalp & hair health.  The cleansing properties of the ingredients make this conditioner light enough to use daily.  Since shampooing should not be done daily, this conditioner is light enough to use without washing the hair.

It contains the essential oil of lemon, beneficial for lifting mood & reducing anxiety.  Lemon oil is also a powerful anti-microbial/anti-bacterial which makes it great for helping with the problems of dandruff & oily scalp.  Coriander is a main ingredient, known to fight fatigue & anxiety while reducing the build up on the scalp.  Coriander is full of vitamins that nourish your hair & skin, promoting healthy hair growth.  Eucalyptus oil will help to gently exfoliate your scalp, the scent will cool & invigorate.

Directions:  After shampooing, apply evenly to hair.  Let sit for desired time & rinse.

As a cleansing conditioner:  Scrub into scalp & work through ends.  Rinse thoroughly.