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These diffusers are made from recycled fabric from Fab Scrap - hand sewn by Margo and hand dyed with natural pigments by Maddie Provost. Use them to dry your hair with your natural curl or wave. They are designed with a hidden pocket on the inside where you can place a piece of cotton with a few drops of your favorite oil(s) to create a sensory experience and bring you to a Happy Place.

Veil: The subtle, green and pale yellow diffusers that were dyed with Rose petals.

Signal: The bright, pink, purple and yellow diffusers that were dyed with Logwood, Osage Orange and Cochineal.

To use a Happy Place diffuser:

Style hair for natural texture, whatever you would normally do to air dry.

Apply your favorite smelling oils (Blossom and Sapling work great here) to a small piece of cotton and place in the tag pocket inside the diffuser.

Attach to the end of your blowdryer, tie string if necessary.

Put blowdryer on high heat, low air flow.

Lightly press onto hair or just hold near the hair.

Relax and dry.